5 reasons why you should be a tiger mom

Few years back there was a book called tiger mum about parenting. Well I identify with some of the key aspects of the book. I definitely dont think I am tiger mum  or that strict until it comes to the kids education. Question is why shouldn't I be ? I am the parent they are … Continue reading 5 reasons why you should be a tiger mom

E le aso fiafia ( christmas song )

  E le aso fiafia sa fa’atalitali ai Sa fa’atalitali I ai Ua afio mai le Tupu Ua malie alofa mai E le tama meamea N fanau I lea po Le Faaola o Keriso Ua fanau mai moi I tatou Tata logo mo le lotu Ia faatasi ai tatou O pese a Agelu Ia pese … Continue reading E le aso fiafia ( christmas song )

Fia Palagis

An excellent piece from Krit. Vaiaso le gagana Samoa.

What Would Krit Do

It’s Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa / Samoan Language Week! A time to raise awareness of the importance of our mother tongue along with every other language of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa. What usually happens around now is my timeline is inundated with messages of celebration!

Leini, Miki & Krit @ Dad’s

There’s also another strong narrative that emerges.  It comes from NZ/Australian/US born Samoans expressing their frustration at not being able to speak the language.  It often follows that they’ve been judged as not being real Samoans.

Miki When He Was Skintay

That conversation has been done to death and it’s unfortunate it’s still being had. Today I’m not interested in rehashing that though. What popped into my mind were the reactions to a post I made last year:

Mum & Grandma

This is my Mum and my Grandma in the 1950s. My Mum’s dress is made out…

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Do not let others determine your self-worth .

Despite the increase in medical advances, knowledge, skills, and understanding there is still an increase bullying and suicide among young people.  Social media and young people having access to technology have definitely help. This is the dark side of social media. A dark side where there are no boundaries, where it an unknown. Worse of all … Continue reading Do not let others determine your self-worth .